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Reduce the Risk of Zoonotic Diseases

Duration: 0:54 h
Speaker: Dr Angela Willemsen, BN, BVSc, MHlthSc(HlthProm), PhD
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Working with animals’ places veterinary staff and clients at risk of contracting diseases. Infection prevention and control practices are integral to protecting humans and animals alike. This webinar is designed for veterinary staff to expand their understanding of what infection prevention and control includes and how effective implementation will reduce the risk of disease. Precautions for managing zoonotic diseases including leptospirosis, Q Fever, and multi-resistant organisms, such as MRSP, will be briefly discussed.

Recorded on 3 July 2024

Dr Angela Willemsen, BN, BVSc, MHlthSc(HlthProm), PhD

Angela, also known as The Clean Vet, is a Public Health Academic and a veterinarian who continues to provide palliative and end of life care to pets in their home. A key goal of hers is to improve infection prevention and control (IPC) in all veterinary settings. As part of this goal, in collaboration with ACIPC, she has developed a veterinary specific IPC course - thought to be the first of its kind. This goal developed as she was completing her PhD which investigated IPC in small animal practices. Angela’s drive to undertake this PhD evolved through her transition from her first career as a human based Registered Nurse to that of a veterinarian. As a veterinary IPC specialist, her experience has enabled her to provide pragmatic and contextual advice to clinicians and practice owners. 

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