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Just Paws and Breathe - Nursing the Brachycephalic Patient like a Pro 

Many of us have seen a flat-faced patient gasping for breath or panicking when restrained… and at some point we all struggle to intubate an unexpectedly teeny tiny airway! 
Duration: 1:00 h
Speaker: Rhonda Ponder

Reduce the Risk of Zoonotic Diseases

Tips to reduce the risk of zoonotic diseases in Australian small animal practices.

Duration: 0:54 h
Speaker: Dr Angela Willemsen, BN, BVSc, MHlthSc(HlthProm), PhD

Slow and unsteady - Understanding bradyarrhythmias

In this presentation Andrew Fisher aims to give an overview of bradyarrhythmias for nurses who work in general practice. 
Duration: 0:33 h
Speaker: Andrew Fisher, BVetMed (Hons) MRCVS

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