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Current Webinars

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Anaesthesia in Exotics for Nurses

A guide to approaching anaesthesia in exotics 
Duration: 1:00 h
Speaker: Rena MacFarlane, BSc BVMS (Hons) DVM MANCVS

Postoperative Rehabilitation following Cruciate Surgery for Nurses 

Post operative rehabilitation following cruciate surgery...
Duration: 0:44 h
Speaker: Lindsey Connell, MCSP, Manim St (Animal Physiotherapy)

Breathe in, Breathe out - Dealing with Respiratory Emergencies 

Dealing with a patient in respiratory distress can be stressful, for both them and us! However, nurses play a vital role in the stabilisation of, and care of, respiratory patients. In this webinar, participants will be guided through the main points to consider while triaging a dyspnoeic patient, including localisation of the respiratory distress, and what oxygen supplementation options are currently available. Some of the more common respiratory diseases will be discussed and finally, participants will be taken through a couple of specific case studies. 
Duration: 0:51 h
Speaker: Samara Blake

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