Postoperative Rehabilitation following Cruciate Surgery for Nurses 

Duration: 0:44 h
Speaker: Lindsey Connell, MCSP, Manim St (Animal Physiotherapy)
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This presentation aims to discuss rehabilitation aims and treatment modalities for vet nurses to aid their post operative management of dogs following cruciate surgery

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Lindsey Connell, MCSP, Manim St (Animal Physiotherapy)

Lindsey Connell has had many years experience treating both musculo-skeletal and neuromuscular conditions in people and commenced treating animals in 1999. She completed her post graduate Masters in Animal Studies (Animal Physiotherapy) at the University of Queensland in 2004.
She is the director of Animal Physiotherapy Solutions and consults from Veterinary Specialist Services in Brisbane Qld.
Lindsey has a special interest in treating sporting dogs , helping to maintain their strength and protect them from injury . She is also very active in canine sports as she owns two Border Collies and a young Kelpie.

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