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Glyc-What - Explaining the Fundamental Role of the Endothelial Glycocalyx

Duration: 0:45 h
Speaker: Jess Male, Cert IV TAE, RVN, AVN, DipVN (ECC), RN, BSc (Biological & Biomedical) 
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The gatekeeper of the capillary wall is the humble endothelial glycocalyx layer (EGL). This delicate yet mighty lining is an integral part of the vascular barrier, controlling many functions that allow vascular homeostasis to be maintained. Without a healthy glycocalyx, our patients would have significant consequences with potentially very poor outcomes.
With a greater understanding of how we can use appropriate IV fluid therapy to prevent its degradation and even restore its function, we can hopefully avoid serious complications and improve patient outcomes. 

Recording from 26 March 2024

Jess Male, Cert IV TAE, RVN, AVN, DipVN (ECC), RN, BSc (Biological & Biomedical) 

Jess is a qualified Veterinary Nurse, and Registered Nurse (human) in orthopaedics and plastics. She holds Bachelor degrees in Biological and Biomedical Science from Murdoch University, WA, and Registered Nursing from Edith Cowan University, WA.
Having worked in a variety of busy veterinary practices since commencing her vet nursing career in 2001, Jess now combines part time clinical work as a senior veterinary nurse at Eastside Vet Clinic in Adelaide, South Australia, with veterinary nurse educating through the Australian College of Veterinary Nursing. Jess' special interests lie predominantly in wound care, emergency and critical care, anaesthesia and fluid therapy. 

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